Mobility Management and Coordination

The mobility management ethos of matching services to mobility market needs without a bias to a particular mode is the key guiding principle in all of Mobility Planners’ services.   Mr. Chambers has completed work at the local city, county, state and federal level on planning, researching, funding and implementing the best practices in mobility management strategies.   This has included traditional and non-traditional fixed route, flex-route or route deviation, dial-a-ride, checkpoint dial-a-ride, shuttles, user-side taxi subsidy programs,  community service routes, vanpools, bicycling, pedestrian access or fostering mobility enhancing development.

While Mr. Chambers has been fortunate to participate in two Transit Cooperative Research Program studies on national best practices on the subject, Mr. Chambers focuses on practical and cost-effective mobility management strategies for his clients.  He provides a hands-on approach in working with partners to conduct market research to determine which mobility management strategy would best meet the market needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Recent example of work where mobility management was a particular emphasis has included:

Fresno Public Transportation Gap Analysis and Coordination Plan (2015)

Mobility Planners LLC was the prime contractor to Fresno Area Express (FAX) to conduct a countywide transit gap analysis, to quantify the needs of transportation disadvantaged populations and to update the County’s Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan. To accomplish this, our team conducted an extensive, multi-faceted...

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City of Menlo Park Mobility Management Services (1998 to 2010)

The City of Menlo Park hired Mr. Chambers on an annual retainer to perform a variety of ongoing services, including mobility planning for local community service routes, transportation demand management, and financial planning support. Mr. Chambers developed a community transit plan for the City of Menlo Park. ...

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East Palo Alto Mobility Management Services (2006 – 2009)

Cliff Chambers was the Project Manager for providing mobility management services to the City of East Palo Alto for four years.  A .5 FTE Mobility Manager coordinated and manages service contracts for: A residential based 7-day-a-week, 18-hour-per-day community shuttle to Caltrain and the Palo Alto Transit Center....

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San Bernardino County Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan

Cliff Chambers was the Project Manager for developing a Public Transit- Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan for this large, diverse county which includes a variety of rural communities, as well as urban cities.  The project involved an extensive collaborative process that enabled participants to develop priority coordination...

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Transit Development Plan for Western Nevada County (2010-11)

Cliff Chambers was the Project Manager for preparing a Transit Development Plan (TDP) for Western Nevada County. There were two major emphases for the TDP: 1) Develop cost-effective mobility management strategies for consideration by local stakeholders and 2) Create a financial framework based on two financial scenarios....

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