Michael Fajans

Mr. Fajans has over 30 years experience as an urban economist/planner, including 25 years experience in transportation planning studies and extensive experience with institutional issues regarding transit service.

Formerly associated with Pacific Transit Management (PTM), Mr. Fajans worked with Cliff Chambers on a series of Long-Range Transit Plans for transit operators in the SACOG region, including the Yolo County Transit District. He served as project manager for a Metropolitan Transportation Commission project to improve transit coordination for health and social service agencies, with a goal of improving locational decision making in order for clients to more easily access such facilities.

Mr. Fajans’ significant institutional knowledge of transit issues from his experience on the Board of Directors of AC Transit from 1979 to 1988. During eight years as an elected official, he served two terms each as president and vice president of the District, working on diverse issues including route restructuring, budgeting, and renewal of the District’s capital plant. He is active on several regional committees which developed transit services to meet the needs of travelers whose needs crossed institutional agency borders. As a consultant, he had experience with the jurisdictional issues involved in improvements to commuter rail service on the San Francisco Peninsula, helping develop an appropriate Joint Powers Authority to manage a service that crosses three transit agencies.

He has prepared short-range and long-range transit plans for bus and ferry systems, and understands the funding and operating difficulties associated with transit in the current fiscal environment. Other projects include the management of the 2006 Santa Clarita Transportation Development Plan, Short-range Transit Plans for the City of Alameda ferry services, and work on plans to relocate a ferry terminal in Fajardo, Puerto Rico to a new site made available by a base closing.

Mr. Fajans served as the system planning consultant to the San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority, including preparation of a capital and operating cost model and assessment of comparative investment alternatives. He also served as a resource consultant to the modeling and environmental consultants on the team, helping specify the parameters to be used in their analyses.

He completed a multi-year assignment with Daly City, BART, San Francisco Muni, and SamTrans, managing the multi-agency sponsored Daly City Intermodal Project, which involved developing a consensus plan to improve the Daly City BART Station and its environs. As a member of the planning team developing the Estuary Plan for the Port and City of Oakland, he worked on transportation and economic analyses of transit and parking improvements.

Mr. Fajans holds a B.A. in Urban Geography from the University of California, Irvine, and a MCP in City and Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley.