Dr. Hugh Clark

Dr. Hugh Clark specializes in market research studies for public agencies. His areas of expertise include focus group moderation, qualitative executive interviews, telephone survey design and implementation, on-board passenger surveys, web-based surveys, data analysis and interpretation, and marketing and referendum consultation. Since 1980, he has conducted market research studies for planning and marketing of public transit throughout the United States, recently completing onboard passenger surveys, community segmentation studies and targeted e-surveys in California, Washington, Oregon, New York, Florida, Missouri, Michigan and Illinois for use in preparation of service restructuring and marketing plans.

CJI Research Corporation uses an array of tools familiar to social scientists:

  • Surveys by telephone
  • Online surveys
  • Surveys on-board transit vehicles
  • In-person interviews
  • In some cases, surveys by mail
  • Hybrid surveys combining two or more of these techniques
  • Key informant interviewing
  • Focus groups and other qualitative methods
  • Secondary research

This era of changing communications technologies and population dynamics presents specific challenges to the social scientist striving to truly represent public opinion.  Traditional sampling methods are challenged by these trends.  Traditional interviewing methods are challenged by these trends.  CJI keeps you ahead of the methodological curve.

CJI Research Corporation has recently collaborated with Cliff Chambers, owner of Mobility Planners LLC, on market research efforts for AC Transit in Fremont/Newark, for miPLAN in Champaign-Urbana, IL, the City of Tracy, CA, and Butte County Association of Governments.

Visit www.cjiresearch.com for more information.