Cliff Chambers

Mr. Cliff Chambers is an expert in developing community-oriented mobility services in rural,  small-urbanized  and urban areas. He has over 25 years of experience in utilizing a mobility management ethos in matching mobility services to market needs without a bias to a particular mode. Mr. Chambers utilizes his extensive financial planning skills to craft community mobility plans within available resources. He has prepared over 30 short-range transit plans for communities, rural regions, and recreation destinations. Mr. Chambers has also led multidisciplinary teams to ensure that good mobility is maintained in coordinating long-term land use and transportation decisions. Mr. Chambers has led or played major roles in four national research efforts from mobility management to more recently evaluating bus propulsion and fuel technologies. He regularly forms teams with the collaborators listed on the team overview page to tailor the consulting effort to meet the client’s specific needs. Mr. Chambers has a Masters in City and Regional Planning from U.C. Berkeley.

Recent Short-Range Transit Plans

  • Modoc County Sage Stage
  • Merced County Transit
  • Mendocino Transit Authority
  • Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority
  • Tuolumne County Yosemite Service Analysis
  • Yosemite Area Regional Transit System (YARTS)
  • Western Nevada County
  • Eastern Sierra Transit Authority
  • Yuba-Sutter Transit
  • City of Tracy

Long-Range Mobility and Development Plans

  • Mr. Chambers was the the Project Manager for developing a Mobility Implementation Plan (miPLAN) for the Champaign-Urbana Area as the community desires to grow smart and maintain excellent mobility choices.  For this project, Mr. Chambers collaborated with Selena Barlow and Hugh Clark in a major market research effort, including an on-board survey and e-surveys of students at the University of Illinois and major employers in the area.
  • Mr. Chambers was the Project Manager for the SACOG Long Range Transit Plan. Long-Range Transit Plans for Yuba-Sutter Transit, South County/LINK, Folsom Stage and Yolobus were completed in October 2009.
  • Mr. Chambers was the Project Manager for the Marin Transit Futures: Improving Local Transit Choices, a comprehensive long-range transit planning program. Funding for implementation was approved in a sales tax election in November 2004.

National Research

  • Mr. Chambers was the Principal Investigator for a nationwide study on institutional barriers in intermodal planning and policies in urban and rural areas for the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP Report 14, 1996). An exhaustive data collection led to the development of strategies to overcome barriers that impede a multimodal transportation system.
  • Mr. Chambers developed strategies to assist local transportation agencies in becoming mobility managers as part of another Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP Report 21, 1997).
  • He was also the Project Manager for TCRP research on the best public transportation practices that address the mobility issues of transit-dependent populations (TCRP Report 49, 1998). A compendium of brief summaries of the best public transportation practices that address immobility was prepared. Mr. Chambers provided oversight to the development of a benefit/cost methodology for conducting economic analysis of mobility projects.
  • Mr. Chambers worked with West Virginia University on another TCRP project (C-15) to evaluate hybrid electric bus technologies. He has helped to guide the development of life-cycle cost model spreadsheets, with a user’s guide, to compare the costs of clean diesel, CNG, and hybrid electric buses.

Mobility Management Strategies

  • Mr. Chambers completed a Public Transit-Human Services Coordination Plan for the San Bernardino Associated Governments and was a subcontractor to AMMA in Butte County.
  •  Principal-In-Charge an assessment of transit accessibility to social service and health care facilities in Alameda and Contra Costa County for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (2011)
  • Mr. Chambers reviewed ADA Paratransit Plans for the Federal Transit Administration in the 1990s while with Crain & Associates.
  • He has conducted compliance reviews and ADA Paratransit Plan updates as part of several transit development plans, most recently for the City of Tracy and Nevada County Transportation Commission.

Full resume:

Cliff Chambers Resume September 2013