Calaveras Transit Short Range Transit Plan (2015)

Calaveras Transit provides five routes in rural Calaveras County. All routes are provided Monday to Friday.  Route deviations are available to seniors aged 65 and older and eligible persons with disabilities within 3/4-mile of the regular scheduled route. Mobility Planners prepared a Short Range Transit Plan that included:

  • New set of goals, performance standards and monitoring procedures.
  • A detailed organizational assessment to answer the question on whether or note the existing organizational structure is capable of achieving the goals and minimum performance standards for the service provided. Recommended a change in organizational structure to meet financial goals
  • A restructuring of services into a main spine route with improved headways,  three flex route feeder services from low demand areas and a checkpoint dial-a-ride feeder service from a very low demand service area.
  • A detailed operating and capital financial plan

Calaveras Transit Short Range Transit Plan Final January 2016 for printing

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