Trinity Transit SRTDP (2014)

Trinity Transit has established a network of intercity routes which connects the communities of Trinity County with transit services in neighboring Humboldt and Shasta Counties.

Mobility Planners was responsible for developing the 2014 Short Range Transit Development Plan (SRTDP). The work included preparation of a market research report that incorporated key findings of an on-board passenger survey, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups. The market research provided important input to the development of a service alternatives working paper that included detailed service and cost estimations for each potential service alternative. A peer analysis of similar transit systems was prepared. A workshop was held with the client to determine the preliminary recommendations to be included in the SRTDP. Significant effort and discussion went into a comprehensive operating and capital financial plan. A focus of the SRTDP was the sustainability of funding for both operating and capital purposes. An administrative draft and subsequent SRTDP Draft Report was presented to the Social Service Transit Advisory Committee. Mr. Chambers presented the final SRTDP to the Trinity Transportation Commission. Mobility Planners LLC was a subcontractor to Transit Marketing LLC

Full Draft SRTDP 10-16-14

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