Fresno Public Transportation Gap Analysis and Coordination Plan (2015)

Mobility Planners LLC was the prime contractor to Fresno Area Express (FAX) to conduct a countywide transit gap analysis, to quantify the needs of transportation disadvantaged populations and to update the County’s Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan. To accomplish this, our team conducted an extensive, multi-faceted market research and outreach effort which provided both qualitative and quantitative data on which to develop actionable coordination strategies. Elements of the data collection effort included:

  • Demographic analysis of Fresno County residents with focus on older adults, persons with disabilities and persons of low-income.
  • In-depth personal interviews with 45 stakeholders representing 28 organizations that work with transportation disadvantaged populations. The interviews collected information about needs, gaps in service, subsidized fares and specialized services being provided.
  • An e-survey of social service providers which collected information from more than 600 front line staff about the transportation habits and needs of their clients.
  • An intercept survey of 573 individuals who are transportation disadvantaged due to age, disability or low-income.
  • Focus groups with transportation disadvantaged populations including American Indian veterans, Spanish speaking adults from rural communities and low-income residents of target neighborhoods.
  • Inventory of public transportation and human service agency transportation services.

The findings of the study were utilized to develop set of objectives and targeted strategies for closing transportation gaps and enhancing mobility for residents throughout Fresno County. A Mobility Enhancement Workshop brought together 30 key stakeholders who had provided input earlier in the process to preview and discuss the potential strategies which formed the core of the Coordinated Plan.

Final Executive Summary 3-9-15

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