City of Alameda Transportation Demand Management Plan

The City of Alameda is an island with five bridge and tube crossings to Oakland.  The redevelopment of the Alameda Naval Air Station, commonly called Alameda Point, is currently in the planning process and will be one of most significant land use/transportation decisions in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The purpose of the development of a transportation demand management plan (TDM) was to provide a policy framework for establishing TDM requirements for new development throughout the City of Alameda.  Mobility Planners was responsible developing recommended TDM strategies. A bundling of different TDM strategy options was recommended for various trip reduction targets. A 5-step process was recommended to determine the TDM strategies for developer applicants.  An online survey of existing employees in Alameda and nationwide studies on the effects of TDM strategies on actual vehicle trip reduction guided the recommendations.  Mobility Planners was a subcontractor to Kittelson & Associates.


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