Merced County Transit Short Range Transit Plan (2012)

Transit Marketing LLC and Mobility Planners are currently completing a Short Range Transit Plan for Merced County Transit, The Bus. The project has utilized a combination of market research and community outreach to support development of a redesigned route network for the City of Merced and an integrated service plan, which combines UC Merced CatTracks service into the countywide transit system. Specific components of the project scope have included:

  • On-bus survey of fixed route riders on local and intercity routes, plus mail-back survey of Dial-a-Ride customers
  • Qualitative data collection through community workshops, focus groups and key informant interviews.
  • Mapping of boarding and alighting data for CatTracks routes to identify ridership patterns and opportunities for coordination of service.
  • Comprehensive analysis of productivity of all fixed routes and demand response service.
  • Development of a modified route structure that integrates The Bus and CatTracks services.
  • Development of a modified fare structure for local and countywide trips, which will increase fare revenues while better matching fare media to the needs of riders.

These tasks have all supported the development of a Five Year Integrated Transit Plan and a 10-Year Transit Vision for Merced County.  Final plan adoption is expected by June 2012.

Volume 1 Draft SRTP

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