YARTS Short Range Transit Plan and Marketing Plan (2010-11)

Cliff Chambers of Mobility Planners, Selena Barlow of Transit Marketing and Phil McGuire of Innovative Paradigms, partnered to develop a Short Range Transit Plan and Marketing Plan for Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS). YARTS is a three county transit system which provides both visitor and commuter transportation to Yosemite National Park, while also serving as a local transit link between the communities of Merced, Mariposa and Mono Counties. The project included an extensive data collection effort:

  • Operations data review – review of routes along two corridors, schedules, on-time performance, ridership and productivity by run by season.
  • Financial review based on agreements with the National Park Service, Amtrak, FTA 5311(f) and the three county partners. YARTS does not receive any formula funding.
  • Institutional review including board size, governance, management and cost sharing options.
  • In-depth interviews with YARTS bus operators and operations management.
  • Quantitative passenger survey and qualitative passenger interviews: Stakeholder focus groups and individual interviews in each of the three counties, at Yosemite National Park, with YARTS board members, NPS staff and tourism industry representatives.
  • Comprehensive marketing review and customer experience audit.

The project resulted in a comprehensive 5-Year Plan which included detailed service, marketing, institutional and partnership plans. The marketing plan was supplemented by the development of a variety of marketing tools including new graphics for the buses and bus stop signs, passenger guides, promotional brochures, posters and at-the-stop information displays.

This work was completed when Cliff Chambers was Principal of Transit Resource Center.

Key Staff: Cliff Chambers, Selena Barlow and Phil McGuire
Project Budget: $118,000

See full project:

YARTS Final SRTP Volume I 3-11

YARTS Final Mktg Plan Volume II 12-22-10

YARTS Research Report Volume III 9-23-10

7.Recommended Action Plan 3-1-11

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