Transit Development Plan for Western Nevada County (2010-11)

Cliff Chambers was the Project Manager for preparing a Transit Development Plan (TDP) for Western Nevada County. There were two major emphases for the TDP: 1) Develop cost-effective mobility management strategies for consideration by local stakeholders and 2) Create a financial framework based on two financial scenarios. Two community workshops were held to solicit input on mobility management strategies. A working paper was prepared to incorporate the full range of possibilities after the first workshop. The potential mobility management strategies were included in a chapter of the TDP and also in the service plan element. A “base case” scenario and “partial recovery scenario” provided a bracket for a range of cost and revenue outcomes over a five-year period. The financial plan incorporated both scenarios. Service strategies were developed based on the available resources from two financial scenarios.

A separate project updated western Nevada County ADA Paratransit Plan. This work was completed when Cliff Chambers was a Principal employee of Transit Resource Center.

Key Staff: Cliff Chambers and Janet Cohen

Project Budget: $39,959

Executive Summary 1-8-11

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