San Bernardino County Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan

Cliff Chambers was the Project Manager for developing a Public Transit- Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan for this large, diverse county which includes a variety of rural communities, as well as urban cities.  The project involved an extensive collaborative process that enabled participants to develop priority coordination strategies for six sub-areas of the County.  The collaborative process involved:

  • Five kickoff meetings were held with stakeholders throughout the county.  The consultants described the overall goals of the Coordination Plan process, and solicited input on key coordination issues that attendees at the kick-off meetings would like to address.
  • Six interviews with transit operators, including the management team of Omnitrans in the San Bernardino Valley.
  • Interviews were held with 51 stakeholders that provide human service agency transportation, contract for public or human service transportation, or arrange for public or human service agency transportation.  The focus was limited to the three target populations: seniors, disabled, and low-income individuals.
  • Seven focus groups with consumers of specialized transportation services with representatives of low income, senior, and disabled individuals.
  • Tabulations of e-surveys from five transit operators and 92 human service agencies.
  • 13 action planning workshops were held. The results of the kick-off meetings, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups were utilized to shape action- planning digests by sub-area.  In consultation with SANBAG staff, it was decided to hold sessions on “hot-topic” subject areas with an invitation list of invited participants.  In addition, a general action planning workshop in each sub-area would allow for additional input by participants.
  • Digests were prepared for two exemplary organizations that have implemented best practices in the coordination of public transit and human service agency transportation:  Paratransit, Inc. and OATS in Missouri.

Cliff Chambers completed this work while a Principal of Transit Resource Center.

Project Staff: Cliff Chambers and Selena Barlow

Project Budget: $149,800

Final Report 12-17-07

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