Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance Strategic Plan (2009)

Cliff Chambers was the Project Manager for a Strategic Planning process for this consortium of 17 cities and all the transit agencies in San Mateo County. The Alliance is San Mateo County’s Transportation Demand Management Agency. Cliff Chambers and Janet Cohen convened meetings and worked with a Task Force and the Board of Directors to design and write a five year strategic plan to define the organization’s direction and priorities for the next five years.  As part of this process, Mr. Chambers and Ms. Cohen reviewed and refined the Alliance’s organizational mission, identified new funding opportunities  and established new metrics for evaluating the goals and strategies included in the plan.  This work was conducted while Cliff Chambers was a Principal with Transit Resource Center.

Key Staff: Cliff Chambers (Project Manager),   Janet Cohen, and Shawn Garvey

Project Budget: $49,880

Alliance Strategic Plan Final Rev 1-7-10

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