Independent Assessment of Fremont/Newark Transit Services for AC Transit (2004-05)

Cliff Chambers was the Project Manager for AC Transit and the cities of Fremont and Newark to complete a comprehensive assessment of the nine AC Transit routes provided in this auto-dominated southern area of AC Transit.  Existing productivity on routes was relatively low, ranging from five to 18 passengers per hour.  In 2000, service was increased by 50%, but only a 2% increase in weekday ridership was experienced.  The consulting team developed a series of working papers on 1) Best Practices of Community Oriented Transit (see report link below); 2) Market research report on over 50 key informant interviews, four focus groups, and an on-board survey; 3) Evaluation of existing transit network; and 4) Three service-based scenarios combining mainline fixed route and community oriented transit.  Based on input from a Technical Advisory Committee and Policy Advisory Committee, a final plan was adopted in September 2005.  Significant interest was generated by community stakeholders and the AC Transit Board in doing business in a wholly new way in the Fremont and Newark service area.  The plan recommended 15-20 minute service on several key mainline routes during peak periods, seven new community service routes, three commuter shuttles to BART, and a demand response service that matches BART hours.  Cliff Chambers completed this work as a Principal of Transit Resource Center

Key Staff: Cliff Chambers (Project Manager), Selena Barlow, Dr. Hugh Clark and Dr. Eric Bruun.

Project Budget: $99,651

Executive Summary Revised 726-05

The following is a document on community mobility best practices that has been requested by well over 100 mobility planning professionals. It was completed in collaboration with Dr. Eric Bruun.

Working Paper #1 draft rev. 9-1-04

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