East Palo Alto Mobility Management Services (2006 – 2009)

Cliff Chambers was the Project Manager for providing mobility management services to the City of East Palo Alto for four years.  A .5 FTE Mobility Manager coordinated and manages service contracts for:

  • A residential based 7-day-a-week, 18-hour-per-day community shuttle to Caltrain and the Palo Alto Transit Center.
  • A shopper shuttle designed for seniors needing to shop outside the East Palo Alto boundaries.
  • A youth shuttle design to transport youth from school to job training and after school enrichment programs.

Overall, these mobility services transported approximately 375 residents daily.  Cliff Chambers hired the Mobility Manager from the local community and provided ongoing training and technical support. To gather ongoing input and provide refinements to service delivery, the Mobility Manager convened key stakeholder group meetings quarterly. Cliff Chambers was responsible for writing ongoing grants to sustain funding, and provided financial planning and management for this $800,000-per-year program. Cliff Chambers worked with design and marketing professionals  to develop and implement a special branding and promotional campaign and also administered a low-income subsidy program.

Key Staff: Cliff Chambers ( Project Manager) and Mary Flamer (Mobility Manager)

Project Budget: $272,000

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