City of Tracy Short Range Transit Plan (2003-04 & 2008-09)

In 2001, the City of Tracy began a small fixed route system, but by 2003 this system needed to be upgraded to better serve the expanding population. Cliff Chambers began a detailed study of Tracy’s transit needs, looking at demographics and development, completing a rider survey and studying system efficiency, financial planning, and marketing. A complete system redesign with a new route structure was implemented in January 2005 as a result of the study recommendations. A detailed marketing plan to attract new ridership was developed by Transit Marketing. Cliff Chambers, Selena Barlow from Transit Marketing were rehired to assist with project implementation, including bus stop locations, schedules, and a revised marketing brochure.

Cliff Chambers, Selena Barlow and Hugh Clark were hired again in 2008 to complete an update of the Short Range Transit Plan, extending the service and financial plan to FY 2018/19. A telephone survey of City of Tracy residents identified potential riders and tested various local and regional service improvements. An on-board survey gauged customer satisfaction and prioritized improvements from the consumer perspective. A compliance review of ADA Paratransit services was undertaken. Two public workshops were held both at the beginning of the project and after service alternatives were developed, and over 50 local residents attended these sessions. A comprehensive operating and capital plan was developed to ensure system sustainability. Priorities for improvements were established, as financial resources are available. All work under this contract was while Cliff Chambers was a Principal of Transit Resource Center.

Key Staff: Cliff Chambers, Selena Barlow, Hugh Clark and Nancy Kays

Project Budget: $262,000 over three contracts

Executive Summary 12-17-09

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