City of Menlo Park Mobility Management Services (1998 to 2010)

The City of Menlo Park hired Mr. Chambers on an annual retainer to perform a variety of ongoing services, including mobility planning for local community service routes, transportation demand management, and financial planning support. Mr. Chambers developed a community transit plan for the City of Menlo Park.  As part of this plan, Mr. Chambers recommended adding a new local fixed-route service, while maintaining a service route for seniors and three shuttle services to Cal Train.  He also recommended the development of non-ADA paratransit services and prepared a detailed financial plan that included project costs and possible revenue sources.

Mr. Chambers provided ongoing technical assistance services with the City of Menlo Park for 10 years to provide an array of mobility planning services, grant writing, service monitoring and budgeting (averaged about 10 hours per month).   He wrote over 20 grant funding proposals for the City of Menlo Park and 100% of them were funded.

Mr. Chambers  conducted surveys of Menlo Park employers who have implemented transportation demand management programs. Mr Chambers also evaluated the potential for a residential-based shuttle that would serve both commutes to the local Cal Train station and high school and middle school students.

Key Staff: Cliff Chambers (Project Manager)

Project Budget: $195,000 combined

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