Yuba-Sutter Transit Short-Range Transit Plan (2007-08)

Cliff Chambers recently worked with Selena Barlow of Transit Marketing to develop a short-range transit plan and updated marketing plan for Yuba Sutter Transit. Yuba-Sutter Transit is a Joint Powers Authority with membership including two rural counties and two small cities. The strategic planning elements included developing and updating the agency’s mission statement, goals, objectives, and performance standards in a user-friendly format that could be reported to the Yuba-Sutter Transit Board annually. A detailed analysis was made of staffing functions to strategically mobilize finite staff resources to meet agency needs over the next five years. Cliff Chambers also made recommendations on their rural routes, local fixed routes, dial-a-ride, and commuter services. With input from a boarding/alighting analysis, recommendations were made to improve the routing and scheduling on two routes to improve schedule adherence and attract new ridership. The consulting team also conducted a detailed facility analysis in preparation for a major remodeling endeavor as the fleet is expanding from 40 to 70 buses over the next 20 years. A comprehensive financial plan was developed that matched operating and capital expenses with available revenues.

As a companion to the SRTP, Transit Marketing developed a Marketing Plan for Yuba-Sutter Transit. The plan included recommendations for updating the system’s brand and visibility in conjunction with the delivery of a new fleet of vehicles. In addition, specific strategies were developed for increasing visibility and ridership of commuter, local and rural services.

The Sacramento Council of Governments also retained Project Manager Cliff Chambers to develop a Long Range Transit Plan for Yuba-Sutter Transit. Both projects were completed while Cliff Chambers was Principal with Transit Resource Center.

Key Staff: Cliff Chambers, Project Manager, and Selena Barlow

Project Budget: $80,000

Executive Summary 6-27-08

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