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Mobility Planners LLC is an alliance of highly experienced mobility planners, transit marketing, market research, public participation, and grant-writing professionals. Our team of experts has both the breadth and depth of experience to get you the results you need.

Cliff Chambers

Mobility Planners LLC

Mr. Cliff Chambers is an expert in developing community-oriented mobility services in rural,  small-urbanized  and urban areas. He has over 25 years of experience in utilizing a mobility management ethos in matching mobility services to market needs without a bias to a particular mode. Mr. Chambers utilizes his extensive financial planning skills to craft community mobility plans within available resources. He has prepared over 30 short-range transit plans for communities, rural regions, and recreation destinations. Mr. Chambers has also led multidisciplinary teams to ensure that good mobility is maintained in coordinating long-term land use and transportation decisions. Mr. Chambers has led or played major roles in four national research efforts from mobility management to more recently evaluating bus propulsion and fuel technologies. He regularly forms teams with the collaborators listed on the team overview page to tailor the consulting effort to meet the client’s specific needs. Mr. Chambers has a Masters in City and Regional Planning from U.C. Berkeley.
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Selena Barlow

Transit Marketing LLC

Ms. Barlow, the owner and manager of Transit Marketing, LLC, has more than 25 years of experience marketing and developing public transportation services. Selena Barlow works exclusively within the public transportation industry and has clients throughout the U.S. Ms. Barlow’s areas of expertise include: Community Outreach; Market Research; Marketing Plan Development; Branding and System Identity Development; Design and Production of Passenger Information Materials; and Development of General and Targeted Ridership Campaigns. Since the founding of Transit Marketing in 1988, Ms. Barlow has worked with more than 100 transit systems.
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Dr. Hugh Clark

CJI Research Corporation

Dr. Hugh Clark specializes in market research studies for public agencies. His areas of expertise include focus group moderation, qualitative executive interviews, telephone survey design and implementation, on-board passenger surveys, web-based surveys, data analysis and interpretation, and marketing and referendum consultation. Since 1980, he has conducted market research studies for planning and marketing of public transit throughout the United States, recently completing onboard passenger surveys, community segmentation studies and targeted e-surveys in California, Washington, Oregon, New York, Florida, Missouri, Michigan and Illinois for use in preparation of service restructuring and marketing plans.
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Janet Cohen

Community Action Partners

Janet Cohen brings an extensive background in meeting and event coordination, public relations, strategic planning, communications, and organizational capacity-building to her work as principal at Community Action Partners, a consulting firm devoted to meeting facilitation, event organization, organizational capacity-building, research, and grant-writing services for non-profits and governmental agencies.
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Michael Fajans

Mr. Fajans has over 30 years experience as an urban economist/planner, including 25 years experience in transportation planning studies and extensive experience with institutional issues regarding transit service.  Formerly associated with Pacific Transit Management (PTM), Mr. Fajans worked with Cliff Chambers on a series of Long-Range Transit Plans for transit operators in the SACOG region, including the Yolo County Transit District. He served as project manager for a Metropolitan Transportation Commission project to improve transit coordination for health and social service agencies, with a goal of improving locational decision making in order for clients to more easily access such facilities.
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Cynthia Hoyle

Cynthia L. Hoyle, FAICP, has over 25 years of planning experience with an emphasis on transportation. Consultant activities have focused on creating livable multimodal communities. Her passion is promoting choice and livability. Cynthia is a Fellow of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). She served on the ITE 1998 Outstanding Traffic Engineering Council Project for the Recommended Practice entitled “Design and Safety of Pedestrian Facilities”. In addition being a founding partner of Orion Planning Group, Cynthia is also Principal of Hoyle Consulting which she founded in 2001.
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David Reinke

Dowling Associates, Inc.

David B. Reinke is a senior transportation engineer/economist with Dowling Associates, Inc. He has over 25 years of experience in statistical analysis, machine learning, transportation economics, travel demand modeling, surveys, database management, and software engineering. He has worked on a number of leading-edge projects in travel demand and economics, including development of activity-based travel demand models, development of discrete-choice travel forecasting models, development of microsimulation-based models for analysis of congestion pricing alternatives, and applications of economic methods to regional policy analysis.
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Phil McGuire

McGuire Management Consultancy

Phil McGuire has over 35 years experience in the transportation industry.For the past 18 years, Mr. McGuire has provided consulting services in the transit and paratransit industry, offering a range of services to public agencies, nonprofit corporations, and private businesses.
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